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With 40 years experience of Land Rovers, Dunsfold DLR is the leading specialist in Land Rover service. Our attention to detail on all the work we undertake is of the highest standard, which is why so many people choose us to work on their vehicles.

Whether you are looking for a minor or a major service, we are always happy to discuss your requirements. And with our extensive range of Genuine Land Rover parts stock, you can be sure that anything replaced will be of the highest quality available.
We can remedy problems from poor engine running, bad vehicle handling through to fixing electrics which have long been overdue and much more. The knowledge held by our staff allows us to easily diagnose any issue you might have that is Land Rover related.

This knowledge coupled with our maintenance, repair experience and the extensive DLR Stock Room, means we can fix almost everything that might wear or break on your Land Rover.
We can of course supply you with a courtesy car whilst were service your vehicle, however this will be a city car not a 4x4.
Due to our experience and focus on older models, we cannot promise to undertake work on vehicles post 2000.